stefan johann krattenmacher

maker and restorer of fine stringed instruments

Model after a double bass from 1820

Thomas Dodd (London, 1764-1834) String length 107 cm The instrument This model stands on the one hand for the classical bass construction of England in the early 19th century and on the other hand for the unique style of Thomas Dodd. Every single detail is so brilliantly and carefully crafted to perfection, making it easy to love this model. The paint – reddish color on a nearly golden background – creates an unusually beautiful texture and attracts attention.
About Dodd As the son of the well-known bow maker John Dodd, Thomas Dodd initially earned a brewing job to later become a violin maker through bow making. After settling in St Martin’s Lane in 1809, he hired Bernhard Simon Fendt I and John F. Lott in his workshop. In his own estimation, Dodd considered himself the “perfect imitator of Stradivari, Amati, Stainer, etc.,” and also claimed to be the guardian of the long-lost Cremona lacquer mystery.