stefan johann krattenmacher

maker and restorer of fine stringed instruments

Model after a double bass around 1820

Bernhard Simon Fendt II (London, 1801-1852) String length 107.3 cm The instrument
The original of this model is played by the solo bassist of the National Opera of Wales, John Law. He is convinced that the sonority of his orchestra is essentially supported by the dimension of his instrument. “As if playing a whole string section” – so the musician raves about the power of this instrument.According to the model of a double bass by Maggini, this model also impresses with its grace and well-balanced contours, as well as by its enormous dimensions, but what for this construction period Due to the flat bottom, the deep frames and the strongly vaulted ceiling, this bass can be used to create an incredibly powerful, accurate and immediate sound, but the instrument’s strengths are not limited to the volume provided by the cabinet, but also in a sound quality that allows the musician to make a well-differentiated pianissimo even in the farthest rows of a large concert hall.
About Fendt II Bernhard Simon Fendt II was founded by his father B.S. Fendt I trained in the London workshop of artisan colleague John Betts. After completing his education, Fendt II worked with a variety of London violin makers, building some of the best instruments of the time. Link to the article about Fendt published in “Double Bassist” 19, Winter 2001