stefan johann krattenmacher

maker and restorer of fine stringed instruments

This model, which I designed myself, is influenced by both the old English and the Italian school. At the same time, it carries unmistakable features of the 21st century and thus points the way to contemporary violin making. The rapid development of playing techniques and the accompanying expansion and differentiation of the repertoire have made it necessary to rethink the structures and use of the double bass. Designed for the physical and acoustic needs of a modern double bass player, my solo model is designed to provide the musician with comfort and the highest level of playability. By combining well-balanced contours, richness of sound as well as beauty and elegance, this bass is versatile – whether for solo performances, chamber music or jazz. The sound is centered and powerful, on the one hand cutting in the high registers, on the other hand warm in the lower frequencies, and it differs in a wide range of timbres.