stefan johann krattenmacher

maker and restorer of fine stringed instruments

I had the chance to play Stefan’s bass in the famous Paris exhibition „Musicora“. I just had a sound impression – round, full bodied and brilliant too. Then I organised to play the same phrases with two other so-called „great names“. As in a blindfold test for wine, everybody there could hear and feel the projection and the balance of the sound, no matter if it was in the lower or higher registers. I tested arco playing as well as real-true pizzicato, being a jazz basslines walker. That model I would recommend for orchestral playing, chamber music as well as jazz combo performing. Added to that, I would say that us musicians are too much mentally locked onto old instruments. Stefan is one of the very few today who is very conscious of the magnificent art of violin making, but at the same time is a man living in the present. Keep doing it!