stefan johann krattenmacher

maker and restorer of fine stringed instruments

stefan johann krattenmacher

My work

The many masterpieces of the great makers of the 17th and 18th Century, which I have had the opportunity to restore, provide me with a continuous source of inspiration.

However, my work is equally influenced by my every day life.

With each symphony I hear vibrating with energy, with every musician who visits my workshop, with a particular late-night concert, or when encountering an unexpected street musician, my idea of the sounds I wish to create in my own instruments are altered and illuminated.

Inspiration also comes from anything that is moving me: the sight of a piece of wood, the sound of a brook playing with pebbles or the quietness of a landscape. It may come whilst stood on the peak of a mountain, or whilst simply lying beneath a tree.

Playing the instruments myself serves as a useful perfection process, and a way of discovering if my ideas can bear fruit.

About me

Born in Tegernsee, a small alpine village south of Munich, Germany, I come from a family of woodworkers and musicians. Growing up in my father’s furniture workshop, I started learning the double bass at fourteen and became the first violin maker in the Krattenmacher family. After completing my initial training at the Mittenwald Violin Making School and working for three years in Germany, I spent a number of years working for various established makers in countries as diverse as Hong Kong, Australia and England. In this context i also spent eigt years working in london where i gained much experience and built up various contacts to orchester and musicians

This time abroad enabled me to gain invaluable experience of other violin making schools and allowed me to develop  myself mentally, technically and stylistically from the German tradition.

It is the combination of my German training and my eclectic work experience that makes me the maker I am today.

Since 2012 I am  the conductor of  the Ettenheim Chamber Orchestra,  I regulary play in other  regional  orchestras and chamber groups.


1984 – 1987  violin maker apprenticeship  with Anton Holzlechner, Neumarkt St.Veith and Geigenbauschule       Mittenwald

1987 – 1988  E.H. Roth , Budenreuth

1988-1991    Benedikt Lang , Mittenwald

1992              Sandra Wagstaff, Hong Kong

1993             John Ferwerda, Melbourne , Australien

1994              Joachim Roy, Mittenwald

1994-1996   Florian Leonhardt, London

1996              Masterdegree Mittenwald and special  award for best  test

1996              opening own workshop  in West Kennsington, London, England

2002             workshop move   to Berlin-Mitte

2007              workshop move to  Münchweier, Baden Württemberg,

2018            winner of makers competition  in Lucca, Italien

2023             winner of makers competition  in Namur, Belgium